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Rihanna's Broke???

Looks like my girl Rihanna is really caught in "Disturbia" considering recent reports of her being broke. Apparently she only has 20K to her name....I guess she won't be laughing to the bank...

Rumors began circulating shortly after Rihanna fired her business manager, Patricia Williams, who Rihanna believes stole her money. Patricia has been reaching out to the media to clear her name and tell the truth about Rihanna's financial situation.

Apparently Def Jam hasn't been paying Rihanna properly, and Marc Jordan, owner and manager of Rebel One Management, has been using Rihanna's personal money to fund her future projects. All the fancy clothes, new albums and video's including her new single "Disturbia" were funded with money Rihanna made from endorsements and concerts.

Although the young diva has made a little over a million dollars, her management teams says majority of those funds were used to make her as big as she is now.

I'm sure there's a hefty price tag on all those lavish luxuries....Its kind of surprising because every time I see pictures of Rihanna it looks like she's vacationing, or shopping at some expensive boutique. Well I hope Chris Brown is paying for dinner and those fancy hotels, because Rih Rih doesn't have it. Just like she says in "Disturbia"

"Put on your break lights
We’re in the city of wonder

Ain’t gonna play nice

Watch out, you might just go under

Better think twice

You got it right Rih Rih...pump the brakes on that debit card and think twice before you buy those expensive outfits...cause you might just go under.

Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me...artists seem to get jerked all the time, remember TLC, Toni Braxton, Chingy, and more...celebrities don't have a clue about their finances until the credit cards decline and there's no money in the bank.

I hope Rihanna finds a new manager that will help her stacks those chips!!!! I'd hate to see her end up like MC Hammer......Can't touch this......