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From Hollywood to the hood, Dru Hill is no more good!

If you're wondering where Dru Hill has been hiding, look no further, you can catch them in Baltimore today, at the "Cricket Wireless" store in the Westside shopping center at Frederick Ave.

Yes you read it right....the Cricket Wireless is where they will be making a guest appearance (big things poppin!!)

I've been following Sisqo on Twitter, as I do many celebs, and couldn't help but notice that he was promoting Dru Hill's public appearance in B-more. I thought to myself, "wow....are they coming out with a new album?" NOT!! Besides even if they did, would anyone buy it? Maybe a few!!

I didn't mean to be a jerk (sike), but I told Sisqo that he and Dru Hill should "give it up." Surprisingly enough, I got a response back from him and a few of his groupies....


Big Sis said...

Hmm, I must say i'm a little disappointed.. the thought "can't we all just get along"..we tear each other down so much as a people.. I just wish as men and women of color that we could be a little more united and supportive. Maybe it's all in fun-but i'm a firm believer that what we say creates energy and it's either going to be negetive or positive energy being created. to insult how each other looks, and all that I think its too much.. I say my sisters- please uplift each other- we get tore down by erybody else in this world- lets not do it to each other...and especially when we got big things going on, media outreaches going places etc, why even take the time to get into mud slinging with someone.. i say lets be better than that! either we believe we are all Queens or we dont- If we do then we should give each other respect and dignity...

thats' just my two cents.. :-0 i still love ya though- just two thumbs down from Big Sis on the sista to sista negativity.. :-(