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Man or Woman?

South African track star, Caster Semenya, looked rather manly in photos taken during her win at the Women's 800-Meters World Championships in Berlin. Aside from her completing the race in 1 minute, (the best time in the world this year) there's no wonder why the International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF, are skeptical of his/her gender.

I don't know about you, but I don't know of ANY females that look this masculine....even the most masculine looking body builder has a touch of femininity........(maybe a little)


Big Sis said...

You know this was a tough one for me.. I want to say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" spill. but we aren't talking about beauty or are we? I mean I too, am in question regarding the gender. and i wonder, am I like most americans where we just can't accept unique styles of beauty, or is it really that we just can't tell what she/he is..
The reality is we do have "ideals" for what is feminin and masculine and in this case i have a real hard time determining if i see any signs of feminin traits.
If we are wrong and she is a she and not a he- then i will have to join the line of skeptics that have to apologize for thinking the worse...