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R-Keri Babe

R. Kelly and Keri Hilson join forces on a new song called "Number One" which will be featured on R. Kelly's ninth album, "Untitled," due is stores September 29th.

The song is alright.....I feel uneasy about Kells and Keri together especially since the song is talking about sex. R. Kelly's history with young women doesn't make this a good look for Keri and I think they should have done a different song, something more upbeat and for the club.

Anywho..the video was well done, I like how they featured DJ's and landmarks from both Keri and Kelly's hometown, and how they creatively incorporated a tribute to Micheal Jackson. Both Keri and Kelly wore specially made jackets that have Michael’s trademark sparkling effect....real classy...and R.Kelly finally cut his hair. Check it out!


Big Sis said...

Hmm, not really all that impressed, honestly.. Its reminding me of the remix he did with Ciara a couple years back... I mean it's okay, but just okay to me...