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Birth Control for Men???

Ladies....take a break from the patch, the pill or the shot (if you get them) and make your man freeze his benefits.

Scientists studying interfile men, have identified a mutation in the gene that prevents it from producing protein that allows sperm to successfully swim to and fertilize an egg, says study author Michael Hildebrand, Ph.D. The findings have lead to the development of a male contraceptive that turns off that particular protein in fertile men to prevent the possibilities of reproduction.

The drug is said to be reversible and wouldn't alter a man's genetics, but further tests are being conducted to prove this theory. Should the male contraceptive be effective, do you think men would be open to taking it? I don't think so. Most men don't like taking pain medication as it, versus taking something that could possibly alter their sperm mobility.

I think its an awesome idea to have men bare the responsibility of birth control...God only knows what women go through emotionally and physically with birth its time for the men to take a stand.... But will they??