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Drake's a Little Cocky

I love confidence....but I despise cockiness....and Drake is definitely headed in that direction. His latest post on twitter leaves me to believe he's full of himself or just plain....... full of himself. Didn't he learn anything when he slipped and fell on stage and needed help picking himself up pieces?

Granted he's gifted lyrically, but his stage performance sux. I've never seen him live, but based on the two performances I've seen on tv, he couldn't get $15 out of me.......okay I'm lying...I'd pay a little more than $15 to see him, but not if his attitude persists.

It's a little early for him to make comments like: "certain haters should worry bout me after their cereal / wakin up on my d**k / go watch Starbury for more weak material"

hip hop's like an open sore / but weezy came and opened doors / don't worry bout my knee / worry if i lose my vocal chords"

"when @drakesknee hit twitter all the rappers got bitter / and they girls click follow so they can keep up with my scripture"

Who is he talking about and why?