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Usher's Single?

By the looks of this picture, I would say so.

Nothing SCREAMS infidelity like a married man that's not wearing his wedding ring. The huge grin on Usher's face, looks as if he just won a divorce battle that left wifey Tameka broke with full custody of their children.

Word on the street is that Usher is working on a new album, titled "Monster," which is supposed to stab at Tameka's aggressive personality. It wouldn't surprise me if that were true, Usher seems like the type of dude to put his woman on blast, look how he did Chilli!

Anyway, hopefully this album will do better than the last. It sounds like a Confessions part 3....looking forward to hearing the first single.


Big Sis said...

i'm sorry i just dont really care for usher anymore! i think he probably is going to be doing something soon to get some attention and get the "wow" factor going on so people will buy his record!