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Most Disturbing Brawl EVER!!!

The uncut version of this horrific fight was removed due to legal issue, but the following news report shows the main highlights of the video.

See what happens when you run your mouth? Apparently the stylist told one of her client that her man was cheating on her with another client and when the news got back to the jump-off, she responded with violence. This is probably the worst fight I've ever seen. I hate to see someone so defenseless........

What can we learn from this video? Let's see....

1) If you're out numbered, pick-up a weapon (of some sort) and use it.

2) If your in a hair/headlock and your arms are free, there are a few things you can do.
a. Rush the person holding you and push them into something (they're facing you, so
only you can see what's behind them)
b. If the person holding you raises their leg to kick you, grab it and kick the other
leg as hard as you can. (This should knock them down for sure, since they're only
standing on one leg)

3) Don't try to reason with your attacker....get the hell out of dodge. Don't stand in one place,
keep moving or run if you can.

4) Block your face from getting hit. Never stand open when your attacker is near you..keep
your guard up.

5) Call the police. Grab your phone, dial 9-1-1 and let the phone sit while you fight your
attacker (s) and scream for help.

I know this is easier said than done, but do what you can to protect and defend yourself. It's sad knowing that things like this happen everyday. Don't let it happen to you!!!!


Big Sis said...

okay so it's not funny, and I'm all about non violence but gurl, your "what do we learn from this" is HILARIOUS... two thumbs up for the lessons