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Real Men Stand Up!!

Little boys take notes.....

Most males I would classify as a little boy probably won't read this, because they don't read much as it is...but if you know someone that could benefit from this message please share.

Lesson #1 - if you are still rocking cornrows...please hand me your comb and let me smack you with it....Cornrows are PLAYED OUT....if you don't have dreads (which I'm getting tired of seeing as well) or on your way to dreads....get a hair cut. If I see another grown azz man walking around with six braids down his head I'm going to scream.

#2 - That gangsta ish ain't cool, especially when your over 21. The sagging jeans and big tee's with hoodtastic logos are a big NO NO!!! No real woman would ever want to date a man that thinks it's cool to walk around with guns on his shirt or his boxers showing. Do yourself a favor and trade in your hood gear for some slacks and a button up!!

#3- Foul language is not attractive...A man with a potty mouth usually has a lot to say but nothing of substance. If you can't say three sentences without cursing then you need to pick up a book and educate yourself. Besides any man that uses a lot of profanity in the presence of a lady doesn't respect her or himself.

#4 - Don't let it go to your head....just because you went to school, drive a decent car and don't have a bunch of babies running around...doesn't mean your God's gift to women. I'm tired of meeting brothas that think they're the only man that got their life on track...don't get me wrong...I applaud your accomplishments, but not your arrogance. Stay humble and put your knowledge to good use.

Last but not least....

#5 - Stop making honest with yourself and others. If you don't want to do something, say it...If you don't mean it...don't say can avoid a lot of nonsense by being upfront in the beginning. Playing games only breaks hearts...and if you think its fun breaking hearts...wait your me its coming.


Big Sis said...

oh heck yes!!!! These need to go out in a mass email.. So many men i know needs at least one if not all of these rules!!!! Two Thumbs up!!!