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Be Thankful....

for the many blessings you take for granted. The blessing of life, family, health and love.

It's so easy to focus on things we wish were 'better' or things that aren't going right in our lives....but what about the things that are?

Today you were blessed with another day...a second fulfill your purpose here on this earth. Don't let minor mishaps distract you from being blessed. There are so many people suffering in this many people that don't have the BASIC necessities to make it from day to thankful that's not your situation.

No matter the circumstance or issues you face..understand the lesson that is be learned. With every bad comes good....when one door closes another one opens....and once you change your perspective to see the good in every situation, you'll notice a change in the way certain things affect you.

Don't let the many tests and trials in life defeat you. know that you are blessed and be a blessing onto others!!!