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Is Chivalry Dead?

A message from a brotha......discussing relationships and why women make bad discussions in men. His article speaks the truth on many levels and hopefully someone will read this and take something from it. While I think his perspective is one-sided....majority of it is true. I could rant and rave about how I think men contribute to the "good/bad guy sydrome" but I'll save that for another post..

Words from Chyone Micah:


The reason men don’t court women and take them out is because now a days men don’t have to, many women will fuck a guy just because he has swag and/ or if she thinks he’s attractive or ridiculously good looking, and this type of woman will let him get the ass with putting little to no work in at all, but on the other hand the good guy who actually treats the woman likes she’s worth something and takes her out on dinners and dates and courts her she usually makes him put in a lot of work in to get the ass if she lets him get any at all. And of course when the good guy calls her on it or tries to get a little physical she is gonna hit him with the "is sex all you wanted from me." Many women don’t have morals they just draw lines in the sand and apply there morals standards as they go and use them interchangeably, so basically saying the rules and morals that woman have doesn’t apply to every guy the same way, for instance a woman might always say she makes guys wait a few weeks to a month if she has sex with him but not before he takes her out on a few dates before she decides to have sex with him if she decides to have sex with him, but yet she may see a guy she is very attracted to, and let him get it the first nite or second nite and more then likely she didn’t make the guy put work in at all, but comes another guy that wants to treat her right and treat her like the beautiful queen he “thinks” she is, and more then likely she will apply her rule to him with him not getting any ass at all and yet again another good man has wasted his time and money on a woman who didn’t appreciate the way he treated her or the things he did, You hear many women complain and say that guys don’t want to take women out and cater to them and court them any more, my question is every guy aint have to take her out court her and cater to her to fuck so why should he? Why do women apply there rules and morals to some guys and not all? and when the good men actually try to treat her right she goes for the dudes with swag, the guy with edge or the bad boy type that doesn’t really care about her at all, but yet attaches herself to these bad men., most men are this simple what ever they see thats getting the pussy and getting all the women that’s what they are going to do and try to imitate, so if men see the guys who are pieces of shit and the lil wayne, and, 50 cent types of guys that’s getting all the play from women and the pussy that’s what they are going to do and try to be like that.


In public discourse there is a controversy regarding women and men, particularly black women and men, The nice guy syndrome view is although women often portray themselves towards good men men as the men of there dreams and wanting to date them, the nice guys stereotype contends that when those exact same women are actually presented with a choice between dating such a nice guy and an unkind immature uneducated, arrogant criminialish thug, (aka bad boys, guys with swag, ballers, playa types, they hypocritically reject and dog out and/or friend zone the nice guy (aka good man) in favor of his so called swaggish gansta competitor. The woman will always kindly and sweetly tell the good man that hes sweet and kind and yet always turns him down.


Now we come to the point where you may hear the counter argument from women that those are only little girls that do that and not real women, and let me be very clear there is a very thin line between a real woman and a woman who acts like a little girl and more then likely that woman who says she is a real woman and doesn’t act like a little girl has or still is doing things that are little girl like and more then likely can not define what a real woman is, they just say it cause it sounds good. Many women dont throw themselves in the mold of acting like a little girl and automatically put themselves in a category of being "real women" and fellas we all know that women are notorious for not taking accountability for the bad decisions they make and do when in reference in dealing with men and relationships."


Big Sis said...

Hmm, you know there was a time where I would have disagreed with his whole blog, HOWEVER, i have come to see that there are women out there that fit this description. the only thing i would counter with that is, sometimes men put themselves in positions where they dont try to get with the woman that would appreciate them, there are a lot of good decent women that WOULD appreciate the nice guy, but the nice guy is to busy think she aint cute enough, she aint small enough, she aint light enough, dark enough, what have you.. so at the end i say if both sexes keep saying it's the opposite sex causing the problem maybe both sexes need to sit down and take a look at themselves and think about what message THEY are sending!