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Summer's Eve Feminine Wash

Believe it or not, many women have not been introduced to Summer's Eve Feminine Wash. After having several conversations with girlfriends that either didn't know about it or wasn't using the product, I had to Blog about it.

Summer's Eve is a specially formulated feminine wash that cleans odor causing bacteria from your most important intimate areas. Talk about feeling fresh and clean all day. Tradition soaps can't compare and shouldn't be used.

Studies have shown that chemicals and perfumes in bar and liquid soaps can irritate or cause an imbalance in vaginal acidity, thus promoting yeast infections. Using unscented, hypoallergenic alternatives (often marked "for sensitive skin") will prevent these infections from occurring. Whether your experiencing yeast infections or not, I strongly recommend using Summer's me, you'll LOVE it.


Big Sis said...

i mean feminin freshness- gotta give two thumbs to