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Is Your Sex Game Right??

This question is for my ladies.....especially the ones who think their sex game is on point. Are you giving your man the Business??? Not that its any of MY business, but ask yourself..

Do you keep the bedroom action spicy, or icy?

First and foremost ladies, if you can't "whine your waistline" then girlfriend you are in trouble..trouble....If your man hasn't already stepped out on you, then trust me...he will soon. And if you don't have a man..then hopefully now you know why.

Don't is on the way..only if your open for suggestions. I'm sure your man will be pleased...

For your convenience I've posted a video that you can use as your guide to becoming better at what you do. Watch it, practice it, watch it and practice again!!! If you can't get with it then maybe you need special attention that only private lessons can handle. Sorry boo!!

But for all my other the damn thang!!!! I hope this helps you take it to the next level.

Now for my sexy mama's that already know the deal, I got something for you too, but you'll have to stick around to see while I get our slackers up to date!!

Remember, practice safe sex. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Use Condoms!!