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Do You Fear Success or Failure??

I was listening to Oprah on XM Radio and her guest Gay Hendricks, was discussing some interesting topics about success, fears, finances and relationships.

He talked about how people never really achieve their full potential, because they are either afraid of succeeding or afraid of failing and being a burden on themselves or others. Many of us stay in relationships and work environments for this very reason. We feel trapped in our situation and don't see the opportunities or options we have to improve or change them.

Whether its a relationship that's no longer worth holding on to, or a job that your not happy with, now is the time to make a change. Your life doesn't have to be in despair, conquer your fears and take your life to the next level. Step in your "zone of genius" and change your state of mind. Find what it is that makes you happy and fulfills your purpose or desires in life. Step out of the zone of incompetence and worrisome feelings of the "unknown." Your blessings are right around the corner...the only way you'll find them is by stepping out on faith.

Stop walking in circles....take control of your situation and make a difference in your life by uncovering the shield to happiness and fulfillment. Read Gay Hendricks book "Making the Big Leap," I've read a few pages and have truly been inspired. I hope it does the same for you!!


Big Sis said...

I really liked this article! I may have to use it myself!!! Two thumbs up!