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Kelly Climbs the Charts....

to the number one spot in the U.K. with her new single "Love Takes Over" featuring French DJ, David Guetta. I'm so happy for Kelly....I guess dropping Mathew Knowles as her manager was a smart move.

Out from the shadows of Beyoncé, Kelly has stepped into her own, setting the pace and doing things her way.

Entering a new chapter in her career has definitely had an impact on her music as "Love Takes Over" steps away from Kelly's traditional style. I guess she won't be competing against Beyoncé......Anywho....

Kelly appears to be in a happy place, and it shows. While she's always been a star performer, you can see and hear the growth in her ability when she hits the stage. Watch her performance from last night's French Bonanza.

I can only imagine how she felt being in a French speaking environment......and she doesn't speak French. It's written all over her face....but she plays it off well.