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What does Diddy See in Cassie??

Cassie embarrasses herself yet again....

After shaving her head and posting nudes pics of herself Cassie gets punked by Philly's radio host Charlamagne.

A recent visit to 100.3 The Beat , revealed some pretty interesting things about Cassie's character. Soft spoken, confused
and ignorant...... to name a few.

When asked questions about her recent activity in the media, all Cassie could say was "You Don't Know Me".......which only made matters worse. When asked to tell who "Cassie" was, all she talked about was her album, and that was the beginning and end of "Cassie"........Talk about not representing themselves well.

I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Cassie.....granted, Charlamagne was a bit aggressive, but Cassie should have done a better job of defending herself. Didn't someone brief her before the interview?

Her response to the comments didn't sound like someone who was strong, independent, or ready to answer questions about embarrassing topics.
All of this made me wonder, how can Diddy take this girl seriously? Outside of being gorgeous, what does she have to offer?

You be the judge, listen to the interview and tell me what you think!