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Mocha Hut Closed for Good

For all my DC poets and open mic fanatics, I'm sorry to announce that Mocha Hut is closed for good.

Owners closed its doors early March due to financial issues, and is expected to turn the building over to Brian and Jim Sullivan this month.

According to the The Washington Business Journal the new business will be called "U Street Cafe." Which will still be a coffee shop-like environment, however customers are hoping the food and atmosphere to will compare to that of the Mocha Hut.

Known for its southern style breakfast and Thursday night poetry and open mic, Mocha Hut was truly one of a kind. The atmosphere, people, food and entertainment was awesome. It's too bad finances didn't reflect the love people had for the establishment.

If you're looking for another place to have a good cup of coffee, tasty food and poetry, try BusBoys & Poets or Café St. Ex.