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Secret Sexual Pleasures

Women don't share the same level of self-love that men share with their special body parts....'the package,' says Cosmopolitan Magazine. Unlike women, men "play with it, take extra care to protect it and even refer to it as a person." This love affair men have with their genitalia helps them have better sex.

If you want to bring maximum pleasure to your sexual experiences then Cosmo has a few tricks for you.

1) Explore - lie on your back and let your thighs relax on both sides. Rub the area around your clitoris and find all those hidden feel-good spots. Stroke up and down the sides of your vulva, tug gently on your labia and don't forget about your G-spot.

2) Test your climax potential - Right before you take a bath, lie flat in the tub with your legs spread under the faucet. Let the water rushes down onto your clitoris. The constant pressure of warm water can be extremely arousing. Enjoy!!

3) Focus- when having sex. Practice zeroing in on the sensations you're feeling rather than letting your mind wonder. When he's caressing you, think about how your body is reacting.

Getting a little hot and heavy? Practice these techniques tonight, who knows you may surprise your boo, or yourself with heightened orgasms. Don't be scared.....Enhance your sex life by becoming more familiar and comfortable with your body. Great sex isn't only for men, women enjoy it just as much.