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Amber Tired of Kanye???

Kanye and Amber Rose may be over according to a Baller Alert message boards.

“A friend of mine in Philly is friends with Miss Amber and claims that Amber is tired of Kanye. She says that Kanye calls her looking for Amber when he can’t reach her himself. My friend says that Amber says there is no more chase. Kanye tells Amber how many girls would die to be in her place and tells her to do this and that. She also says Kanye wakes Amber up and says, ‘I’m ready to have sex.’”

Come on now Amber...what did you expect? With all the money, clothes, and trips Kanye was lacing you with, what did you think he wanted in return? Company?

You need to give it up or get out. Earn your keep boo....but we know what the real problem is...Amber's not into men......we know what she likes.....