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Nudity, Classy or Tasteless?

You don't have to be a model to strip down to your bare essentials and show all your goodies. Everyone's doing it. My question is, WHY?

Is it really art/beauty or is it desperation.

Once you've revealed all your assets what's next....major roles in films or more magazine covers? I don't think so. The more I see actors and models pose nude, the more I wonder if the price was worth it.

I guess it depends on what your posing for and the message behind the picture. The most recent spread that leaves me perplexed is Sharon Leal's (Tyler Perry's wife from "Why Did I Get Married") Allure Magazine photo. Allure did a featured piece called "The Naked Truth" revealing 5 celebrities in their birth day suit. Sharon was one of the 5, and lets just say I was disappointed to see her this way.

What are your thoughts?