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Amber lookin chick...

Christina Milian doesn't look so bad after all. The more I look at her the more she reminds me of Kanye's new boo, Amber Rose. Although she looks much better with darker hair, I'm kinda feeling her new look and give her much props for trying something different.

While the diva struts her stuff next to her hunny 'The Dream,' I can't help but wonder if she's really into HIM or his money. The two became an item (despite their comments to the media) a short while before he dropped his second album "Love vs. Money," and before she flopped her second album "Dream in Color."
Not sure what the dynamic is here, but its definitely an odd couple. Hopefully Milian is using Dream for his music rather his money, because her career could surely use a boost. Either way I wish them well, and I hope Milian runs a jet black rinse through that head....