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Is it Love or Pitty??

I'm sure you've heard that Jennifer Hudson is getting married to David Otunga, aka "Punk" from "I love New York." How do you feel about that?Not that it's any of my business, but I can't help but wonder if David is really in love with Jennifer to the point of marriage, or is he helping her fill the void of her lost loved ones? It seems like the two have been dating a little over a year now and are ready to jump the broom. Why so soon???

I don't think getting married should be the next move in Jennifer's life right now. I'm sure "Punk's" a great guy, but there's no need to rush. I feel like he's trapped in her fairytale, and after being by her side through the tragic death of her relatives, it would be hard/impossible for him to move on without feeling guilty. Poor guy!!!

Regardless I wish them much success and happiness. I pray their marriage will stand the test of time. I hope it's true love Jenni..... Congrats!!