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Suspect in 'AJ' Murder Case

Frederick Richardson is the suspect in the alleged murder of Kandi Burress's ex-fiance, Ashely 'AJ' Jewell.

He is currently in police custody under a voluntary manslaughter charge and is denied bail. His attorney is trying to get the charges reduced pending autopsy results of AJ.

A recent report from TMZ says witnesses of the brawl told authorities that A.J. was walking and talking after the fight. Instead of taking an ambulance to the hospital, AJ hitched a ride with one of his friends.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office reports that A.J.'s "body showed evidence of a physical altercation, but they are tyring to determine the extent of those injuries while also looking to see if there was another cause of death."

There is speculation that AJ may have died of a heart attack, but we'll have to see what the autopsy result conjure to confirm the facts.