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Raymond vs. Raymond

Things are getting ugly in the Raymond household. Usher has called the police on wifey Tameka for the second time, and based on his new release "Papers" they are definitely getting a divorce.

Too bad it took 2 kids, turmoil between he and his mother and his last album "Here I Stand" to flop, for him to see that Tameka wasn't the one. I hope he signed a prenump and has a good lawyer to help him keep Tameka from breaking his pockets.

Sources say, Tameka and Usher got into a heated dispute a few days ago over Usher's new release "Papers" and the title of the new album "Raymond Vs. Raymond." Angry that Usher is putting their business on blast, Tameka demanded that Usher change the name of the album..... and of course he refused.

Didn't she know what she was getting herself into when he dropped "Confessions?"

Anyway the argument got ugly and Usher demanded Tameka to leave the house, and on her way out, she scratched up his classy. Anywho, Usher called the police on Tameka but there are no reports indicating whether charges were filed or if an arrest was issued.

With five kids now (three from a previous marriage & 2 with Usher), the last thing Tameka needs is trouble with the law. I hope she wakes up and smells the coffee and gracefully steps down from the situation. Let him sign those papers and move on.

Here's Usher's new release: "Papers"