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Lola Monroe Performs in VA

Angel Lola Luv....hit Ned Devine's of Sterling, VA last night....performing several tracks from her new release, "Boss Bitch's World." For those of you that aren't familiar with Angel, she's a model/video vixen/ex-stripper from DC who has now ventured into the rap industry.

First let me start by saying that Angel is probably one of the coolest, most humble artist that I've met in the game. She stepped on the stage showing the DMV much love. She mingled in the crowd and took pictures with fans and even showed other artist love and respect for their performances. While I give her much props on her social skills, I can't say the same about her music or swag.

With a banger body like hers, Angel doesn't have to try hard to give sex appeal or accentuate her curves....but the outfit she wore was all wrong. Her booty sagged in her shorts, and you could see cellulite in her thighs. I was surprised to see such a petite girl with cottage cheese on her legs. Not to mention her shoes looked like pay less specials....I hate to be so critical, but I'm only stating the obvious and besides when you rap about being a "Boss Bitch" your swag better be on point.

It was interesting to see all that azz in the me, it looks better in the magazines and in the videos than it does in person. I thought to myself....this can't be if i didn't already know. I did some research to see what Ms. Monroe looked like before all the cosmetic surgery, and boy what a difference.....take a look at the flicks below.

I hate to dis her album, but it really needs work. Her flow is lacking versatility, and she needs to stop rapping over every body's music. I think Lola has a lot of potential and with the right producers and writers she could make big moves, but in the mean time I guess she'll have to settle for Ned Devine's.


Anonymous said...

I agree w/ u Monique. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you,I have a friend who grow up with ms.monroe in alex,va.& has known her since childhood.They also went to high school together & lived in the same building.every thing she says is a lie.she has never moved drugs or is from Dc.yes,she got lucky with her looks.Power to her for that,but lets be real.YOU CAN'T BE SOMETHING YOUR NOT.STOP STEAL'IN SOMEONE ELSES LIFE happy with you,I guess thats why she got surgery. Think about it.

Felix Serrano said...

Its sad, because she has a beautiful face, but her booty and bobos are ugly