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Iphone Users In Danger???

Did you know that extensive use on your Iphone could cause brain cancer?

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has released a report stating that consumers need to be aware of their risk factors when purchasing and using the Iphone. The amount of human exposure to radio frequencies (RF) has become a global concern, especially with Apples popular, best selling mobile device....the 3GS Iphone.

When analyzing the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of RF, the results were troubling and for many could mean deadly. The Iphone model 3Gs ranked 0.563 mW/g - 1.19 mW/g, barely meeting the FCC SAR limit of 1.6 mW/g. These values calcuate the rate of which your brain absorbs RF. In comparison to other parts of the body, SAR is higher when absorbed through the brain rather than any other part of the body. Primarily because our brain is 85% water, which absorbs RF at a faster rate.

Research and statistics linking mobile devices with brain cancer victims has yet to be reported, but the FCC plans to air on the side of caution. So for all you Iphone users....try using your hands free/head set when talking on your phone especially for long periods of time. When you feel your phone over heating, get off the phone and text.

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Big Sis & Company Focused on the Issues said...

Wow - this is very informative...who knew - will definitely be using just my handsfree from now on.