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The Legend of the Bunny Man

Anybody from the DMV remembers the legend of "Bunny Man." I grew up learning about him when I was only 5 year old. During that time, I meet him....not face to face, but face to foot.

One day while home alone with my brother and cousins, I received a late night knock on my bed room window. When we peeked through the shade to see who it was....there stood this tall figure wearing a bunny suite...waving his hand in the window. Having heard horrific stories about the Bunny Man...we knew his visit was bad news.

Scared out of our minds, we scattered all around the house in hiding...We never opened the window or looked again....and never forgot about our close encounter.

I've told friends about it...but some think it's foolish...don't believe me...check out this documentary below.