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Kelis Promo Pics

WTF is Kelis doing? Only a few months have passed since giving birth and going through a nasty divorce and Kelis is already on a fast track back to.....where ever she was before.

Pictured below, is photographer Rodrigo Otzu shooting promo pics of Kelis for her new single "Jewels."(notice the nip slip)

I don't knock the hustle, but is she really in need of money? I mean seriously...her titties are still leaking breast milk and she's ready to share her "Goodies" with the world. Take some time to care for your newborn and give your body a chance to heal.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Monique. Everyone is complaining she needs to get back to work and make her own money. She is no different from any other mother who has to return to work asap to provide for her family. Futhermore, this is a picture of the promo pics taking place NOT the promo pic itself. I'm a photographer and if you can't tell, the camera is angled from her neck up...hence the nude bra! Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!