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Chris Breezy: Missing his Boo Rihanna

Chris Brown is still in love with Rihanna and it shows. He posted a video of the good times they shared, along with a message on his twitter page. I can only image the pain he feels to have lost a loved one, friend and confidant to his own demise. The damage is done, and it's too bad things will never be the same again.

CB...remembering the good times.

I swear these two were my FAVORITE celeb couple EVER. Despite their troubling circumstance, do you think there is potential for them to be together again.....after CB's probation obviously?


Anonymous said...

Well I think that time will only tell. However it is very visible that they both still LOVE each other. I think that people need to just let them breathe and find their way who knows what the future holds for them TWO!!!