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Hair Do's & Don'ts

Whoever told Ashanti those braids were hot needs to be smacked with a paddle brush. I can't believe she's rocking the half-head cornrows as if she's bringing it back in style.

Didn't she get the memo that cornrows where played out after Alicia Keys dropped her second LP?

Anyway, It looks like she ran out of weave and decided to leave that side of her hair braided....or was going for the half-shaved look but totally missed the mark. Either way, Ashanti needs a new hair stylist ASAP.

Rihanna never seem to miss the mark.....maybe Ashanti should take notes.

Rihanna is always keeping it spicy with her funky psuedo-mohawk. Here are pics of her latest sleek approach. I swear Rih Rih can do no wrong!!


Big Sis said...

Hey, now see I thought Ashanti was purposely doing an old skool kind of 80s 90s look.. you know since her and jarule woudl be performing like a tribute to the past.. and i'm wishin Rhianna would spice it up a bit. you knjow she is so young, and it just seems like her latest pics seem so much older and she don't seem happy and full of life in my opinion...

Anonymous said... were really on some hatred shit. Everyone have their own opinion and i must say this hairstyle is cute and still go hard especially when the guys like it. Thats all that matter, so fuk a female opinion especially when they on that hatred shit.