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Valentine's Day Haters!!!!!

Here's a little something to cheer you up....If you're like me, you spent Valentine's Day alone, watching T.V. or listening to lovers rock on the radio.....for a moment you felt bad about being alone, not having someone to buy you nice gifts or take you on a lovely date to shower you with love an affection......but the more you thought about said to yourself....LOVE SUCKS!!!!!!

Who wants a broken heart, stress, hurt feelings, lies, disappointment, infidelity, potential mental or physical abuse?

NOT ME!!!! If you're not in love, your not at risk of these things. YOU my friend, are in the safe zone and have little to worry about in comparison to those in the next time those envious feelings emerge when you see a couple happily walking hand-in-hand....

Don't be angry that love is in the air....remember all that glitters isn't gold....most people in relationships aren't always as happy as they appear.

Don't feel bad if you didn't receive are definitely loved by someone, and you don't need a card or flowers to prove it.

Love yourself. No one will EVER love you as much as you love spending Valentine's Day alone is time well spent....Getting to know and loving YOURSELF!!