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Madea Goes To Jail a must see....The movie will have you crying and laughing from beginning to end. While the movie seemed a little short (1 hour 45 min) and had a few gaps in the script, the overall film was good.

Tyler Perry film and stage productions always incorporate subliminal messages and real-life situations that everyone can relate to. There's no wonder why his movies and plays do so well. The only thing I miss is the music. The stage productions appear to be better than the movie, in every way, from the script, music and delivery of each message. I love Tyler Perry, but if he's going to use the same story line from his plays to make a movie, then the movie should be better, if not the same as the play.

Needless to say the movie is doing well and has rolled in over $41 million in its opening week. So if you haven't already seen it, don't wait for the DVD or buy it on boot-leg....go the theater and pay your $, you won't be disappointed.


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I love this movie as well as all madea movies keep it up...

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