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P. Diddy Addresses Lil Kim's Frustrations

Did you hear about Lil Kim's tantrum over her character portrayal in the movie "Notorious?"

If you didn't, please click here to be updated.

In response to Kim's accusations, P. Diddy had somethings to say, and from what it sounds like... Puff was dead wrong.

I haven't seen the movie and can't comment on how Kim was portrayed, but what I can say is that....based on the premiere pictures and the production of the film, Lil Kim was not included.

I think Puff did a disservice not only to Lil Kim, but Biggie, because if he really wanted to show the life of Biggie, he would include all parties involved, especially Lil Kim.

Not only that, but why would you paint such an image of Lil Kim and not seek her approval before producing the film? Then.... to add insult to injury, you blog about it and admit you were wrong.......$32million dollars later.....and suggest Kim produce her own version of Biggies life. What an A-hole!!!

Needless to say Puff still recognized Lil Kim as the Queen and admitted that she was more to Biggie than a jump-off.....Too bad that apology came a little bit too late.....