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Quiz: Black Spiritual History

Revolutionary church leaders. Unforgettable songs.
Stirring sermons. Surprising conversion stories.
For centuries, black spirituality has informed--
and changed--American history. Take our quiz
to find out how much you know.


  • Gallery: Top Black Spiritual Leaders
  • Coretta Scott King on Prayer and the Civil Rights Movement

  • Q1. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming
    of the Lord" was said by which civil rights leader
    the day before his death?
    1. Ralph Abernathy
    2. Martin Luther King, Jr
    3. Medgar Evers
    4. Malcolm X
    Q2. Richard Allen, a former slave turned ordained
    minister, was the founder of which denomination?
    1. Church of God in Christ
    2. African Methodist Episcopal
    3. Pentecostal
    4. Black Southern Baptist
    Q3. Which African-American entertainer was not a
    convert to Judaism?
    1. Sammy Davis Jr.
    2. Nell Carter
    3. Harry Belafonte
    4. Jackie Wilson
    Q4. Which Haitian-born former slave bought his
    family's freedom and is now being considered for
    Catholic sainthood?
    1. Pierre Toussaint
    2. Frederick Douglass
    3. Jean-Bertrand Aristide
    4. Wyclef Jean
    Q5. After his Hajj pilgrimage, Nation of Islam leader
    Malcolm X converted to mainstream Islam,
    changing his name to:
    1. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz
    2. Muhammad Malik X
    3. Mustafa Shabazz
    4. El Shabazz bin Little
    Q6. Which one of these is not a Negro spiritual?
    1. Wade in the Water
    2. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
    3. I'm a Rolling
    4. Amazing Grace
    Q7. In most black congregations, New Year's Eve
    is known as Watchnight. This is in recognition of:
    1. The slaves having to watch the
    doors of the church during services to
    ensure their masters wouldn't interrupt service
    2. The night when the Emancipation
    Proclamation was made law and all of the
    slaves were freed
    3. Slaves leaving their watches at
    home so that they could worship without
    4. Watchnight is just another name
    for New Year's Eve that black churches use
    Q8. What year did the Church of Jesus
    Christ of Latter-day Saints begin admitting
    blacks to the priesthood?
    1. 1838
    2. 1878
    3. 1968
    4. 1978
    Q9. Which of these poets was an African
    slave and devout Christian who was taught to
    read by her master?
    1. Countee Cullen
    2. Langston Hughes
    3. Phyllis Wheatley
    4. Maya Angelou
    Q10. Which famous singer was the son of a
    minister in a Seventh-day Adventist Church?
    1. Prince
    2. Ray Charles
    3. Marvin Gaye
    4. Little Richard
    Q11. Who was Bilal ibn Rabah?
    1. An Abyssinian slave who was
    tortured by his master for embracing Islam
    2. A black man appointed by the
    Prophet Muhammad as the first mu'azzin
    to recite the call to prayer
    3. The namesake of the largest group
    of African-American Muslims in the U.S.,
    called the Bilalians
    4. All of the above
    Q12. Which one of these artists did not do a
    cover of Amazing Grace?
    1. Mahalia Jackson
    2. Aretha Franklin
    3. Nina Simone
    4. Diana Ross