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Baby Mamas Cashing In

Let's see who's taking their baby daddy to the cleaners:

Norma Mitchell is taking ex-hubby Tyrese Gibson to the cleaners, stating that his current child support payment of $8,500 a month isn't enough.

The London beauty claims that when she and Tyrese married she was unemployed and living in the U.S. on a travelers visa. Tyrese funded all of her expenses until they divorced last year, leaving her completely broke.

Norma and Tyrese share a beautiful baby girl named Shayla. According to Norma, Tyrese has high expectations and standards for Shayla, wanting her to have the best of everything and not wear the same outfit twice. keep up with that demand, Norma is requesting more money....more money....more money!!!!!

Next on the list of baby mama's cashing in, is supermodel and designer Kimora Lee Simmons, ex-wife of mogul Russell Simmons, who will receive a whopping $40,000 a month in child support for their two daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Russell took pride in stating that the court did NOT 'order' him to pay that amount, but instead that's the what he offered. Russell wants his children to maintain a 'fabulous life' as he describes it, and as long as he has it, they will too. Sounds like a good dad!!!!

Last but not least, is Lisa Lu Hartwell of Real Housewives of Atlanta, who is trying to taking ex-hubby Keith Sweat to the cleaners..... but it doesn't look like she'll be cashing in on anything. Lisa and Keith divorced in 2003 and Keith won primary custody of their two children Justin and Jordon.

In recent news, Lisa is suing Kieth for the custody of the boys and for child support. It's no wonder why Lisa is pressing the issue of custody, since her new hubby former NFL player Ed Hartwell is out of work and their real estate business is kiss the lips of bankruptcy.

In a court hearing this past Tuesday, the judge stated that Lisa has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children … OUCH! And Lisa's allegations of Keith being abusive toward her doesn't prove that he's abusive toward the children or is an unfit parent.

Well.....I guess everyone isn't a winner, and Kieth surely had his head on straight when he divorced this gold digger.....hopefully things work out best for this kids.