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50 Cent At It Again

Raging beef between rappers Rick Ross and 50 Cent is getting out of control. Where the beef me, but it definitely needs to stop before someone gets hurt.

Apparently Rick said some things about 50 during an interview, and 50 responded with some very threatening comments. Check out 50's response below.

If that didn't leave a sour taste in Rick's mouth.....50's latest V-blog definitely will. Getting exclusive and extremely personal, 50 interviewed Rick's baby mama Tia, and you'll be surprised to find out that Rick isn't quite the BOSS he claims to be.

Aside from crushing Rick's reputation as a rapper, lover and a father, 50 took it to the next level by taking Tia on a shopping spree, to show Rick how a real man/Boss treats a lady......I hope this doesn't turn into a Tupac and Faith, or Jay-Z and Carmen (Nas baby mama) situation.....even though Rick & Tia aren't together anymore, you know how men are about their baby mama's......but I guess we'll have to wait and see what's next on "This is 50".....stay tuned.