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Who Did It?

As the Steve McNair murder-suicide investigation progresses, I think the evidence clearly points in one direction....McNair's girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi.

I believe Sahel Kazemi, is responsible for taking the lives of both McNair and herself. In recent reports, the gun used in the murder-suicide, was purchased by Sahel two days before the incident and "hours after she was bailed out of jail by McNair for a DUI charge" according to

McNair and Sahel meet at Dave & Buster, which is where she worked as a waitress....they had been dating for 6 months and apparently fell head over hills in love. The two shared a condo and an Escalade that McNair bought Sahel for her birthday. The two traveled quite a bit, having visited, Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and McNair's house farm in Mississippi, according to TMZ.

Interviews with Sahel's family suggest that McNair was in the process of divorcing his wife, Mechelle of twelve years, to marry Sahel. While divorce papers where never filed the couples home was up for sale. Sources say Mechelle had no idea her husband was having an affair and unfortunately didn't learn about his post-teenage mistress until police contacted her about McNair's death. One can only imagine how horrified she must be to have lost her husband and to learn about his infidelity this way.

While police are still searching for a motive and investigating all possible suspects, I think it's pretty evident what took place....based on the time frame of events and the facts presented, I believe McNair threatened to leave Sahel (for whatever reason) and she couldn't stand the idea of losing she killed him and herself. It's sad it had to happen, especially when it could have been prevented all together.

The most we can do is pray for Mechelle McNair and their four sons. May God give them the strength to persevere through this difficult time and find peace in the good memories they have of him...and not dwell on his tragic ending.