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What's Wrong With Neyo?

Neyo breaks out into tears on stage while performing in Manchester and cancels the show early. I've checked with my sources to get the inside scoop but no one seems to know what's going on. I hope everything's okay....We love u NEYO and we'll keep you in our prayers!!


Big Sis said...

first let me say i love neyo.. and 2nd i'm glad you posted this in the tone that you did.. i say that because i am so sick of the media and other blogs acting like he is less than a man because he broke down.. Why can't a man show emotions sometimes.. see that's part of the problem- society acts like men to be snensative and hurt are weakness, so what happens- men try to deflect from their real emotions, whether they be fear, insecurity, hurt, etc.. we breed these men to be heartless and then we wanna sit back and complain when a man act like a heartless jerk.. so kudos to you for posting this and showing a HUMAN that had a little breakdown and not doggin him for showing his emotions... two thumbs up-