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What Was Vibe Thinking....

...when they decided to let Christina Milian and The Dream grace the cover of their LAST magazine issue? That's a classy grand finale.......there's no wonder why the magazine has gone bankrupt....whoever made the final editing decision should have been fired a long time ago.I don't know who I'm more upset with, the editor that published the cover or the photographer that took the picture. There's nothing artistic or classy about it. I understand where they were going with it...but it didn't work. The photo had potential minus the hands down the pants portion and the arm/breast hold could have been positioned or framed better.

"Crazy in Love" there are so many artists that could have been chosen for this feature. Kanye and Amber...Beyoncé and Jay Z.....Obama and Michelle for heavens sake....but Christina and The Dream...boooooooooooo.

Besides, what warrants them cover privileges? Outside of Christina's relationship with The Dream...she has nothing new to report....and there are so many other interesting/bigger issues at hand other than LOVE.

After a 16-year stretch, the VIBE could have done better in leaving a lasting impression on readers....but unfortunately they let me down. So long!!!


Big Sis said...

Gurlll that cover look a hot mess! i mean you hit it on the head! two thumbs down for erybody involved on this one!