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Kelis Gave Birth

To a healthy baby boy today......and sources say Nas is by her side. The two were scheduled to appear in court to dispute child support payments, but the baby put halt on the proceedings.

You know how babies have the tendency to bring about change....hopefully this change will be a positive one that will benefit all parties. Will Nas grow a heart and want his family back? Or will Kelis continue to be greedy and use the baby as a meal ticket? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

I wonder who the baby will look like most...perhaps a combination of the two....they should name him NAHLIS....I love it!


Big Sis said...

awww, you know i hope that maybe this makes them change their mind about the divorce.. i mean we loved seeing them together... Love that name for the baby i guess it beats KeNaz Nakel or