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Or maybe you are when you're a celebrity.....Everyone has been experimenting with the half shaved...blady look lately, but IT'S NOT WORKING FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Ciara's trying it....but its not for her....I'm glad she didn't' fly off the deep end and cut her hair....It's smarter to test the waters and rock a wig instead...

Too bad Solange didn't get the memo....her recent hair cut failed miserably.......what was she thinking? It looks like she
cut it herself and threw some jheri curl products on top of it to give it a little life.....NOT WORKING. She's a pretty girl...but that isn't the look for her.

I think a lot of women are going through some sort of crisis and the first thing they think to do with themselves is cut their hair...look at Britney Spears...

Who's next...Beyonce? Now you know if Bey cuts her hair it's going to freeze on planet Venus.