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Chris Brown Asks for Forgiveness

But is it too late? Chris released a video confession and apology to fans in hopes to win back the hearts of many. While his statement and apology seem sincere I don't think it's enough to rebuild and regain his respect in the media. Publicly apologizing and accepting responsibility for his actions was a smart move, but I doubt he'll be getting any endorsements anytime soon!


Big Sis said...

ahhh, you now Big Sis had to weigh in on the domestic violence topic.. you know - (sigh) I'm really torn about this.. I say it because on the one hand i think we all know that it has a lot to do with the PR factor.. I get it.. HOWEVER, he could have said a lot less and still made a PR statement.. So in my opinion, I want to HOPE that he is sincere, at least sincere on making sure he doesn't allow this to happen again. I also feel like, sometimes in the domestic violence field, we can get caught up in wanting the abuser to face consequences.. I agree they should- however i also want to see reform happening.. lets just not punish these abusers, lets teach them the proper way. so in his case my hopes is that he is young enough that he doesnt create a lasting pattern of abusive behaviour but that he changes his ways now.. learns proper healthy ways of dealing...