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I'm Back....

After being on hiatus or a few weeks.... celebrating my 27th birthday and Thanksgiving Holiday kept me busy....but now that I've had a chance to regroup, refocus and rest...I'm ready for war.

I'm working on some new projects and would love your feedback and support. I'll be opening the new year with a new television production called "UNCUT" which will give viewers a behind the scenes glance at various events and social affairs. It isn't reality TV...but UNCUT real TV....clips that most editors delete. Stay tuned for more details and when the pilot show will air.

Real Talk Radio is doing well, and is now being broadcast on two stations, WEBR and BlogTalkRadio. For all of my listeners that had a hard time tuning into WEBR...Blogtalk is a good way to channel in and catch up on shows you've missed.

In addition to that I'm moving forward with my production company, Media Star Productions. I've been working on several events for myself and in conjunction with EZ Street from 93.9 WKYS. If you or anyone you know is in need a videographer and/or editor...let me know.

Many hugs and kisses for my faithful readers and supporters. I definitely couldn't do it without you! Thank you for keeping me motivated and encouraging me to reach new heights. God Bless!!


Ila (aka St. C) said...

Congrats on all of these projects! Best of luck and keep me posted.