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VA Tolls Increase

You might want to keep some extra change handy when driving through the Virginia Dulles Toll road. As of Friday, January 1st, 2010, toll fees throughout Fairfax County have increased by 25cents. That translates to 1$ for the main gate and 75cents for the off ramps.

This increase doesn't come by surprise, considering the County was denied its $44 million request in Federal Stimulus money. So now commuters will have to annie up to make up the difference.

The extra revenue will be used for the construction of Metro's Silver Line extension to Dulles International Airport. Until construction for the Sliver Line is complete, commuters can expect a toll increase over the next two years.

If you are a frequent traveler of the Dulles Toll road and like many commuters, are annoyed with the increase, I would suggest looking into an alternate route.

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