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Arenas Suspended Indefinitely

If a federal and local investigation wasn't enough to stop Arenas from joking around, then being suspended from the league might!

According to WTOP, NBA Commissioner David Stern, suspended Gilbert Arenas yesterday, stating the Wizards Point was "not currently fit to take the court."

The news came on his 28th birthday, a day after Arenas gave his teammates a two-handed gun salute during the Philidelphia 76ers game. While Arenas thought it was funny, the Commissioner wasn't laughing.

Arenas was suspended indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately. With each game he misses, Arenas will lose about $147,200 of the $16.2 million he will earn in the second season of a six-year, $111 million contract, reports WTOP.

Times couldn't be more difficult for Arenas as his personal life unraveled just a few months back. Arenas, along with the entire world, found out that his fiance and mother of his children, Laura Govan, had been carrying on a 5 year affair with a rival NBA player, Shaquille O'neal. To add to the fire, Govan is pregnant with Arenas's third child, but there's speculation as whether or not the baby is his.

I guess Shaq made a good decision when he decided not to appear at the Wizards vs. Cavaliers game. Who knows, Arenas probably would popped a few in Shaq's ass.

Oh well!! I guess Arenas as a lot to think about as he keeps the bench warm. Perhaps getting suspended wasn't such a bad he won't have to pay as much in child support.