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Little Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse released her first artist, Dionne Bromfield, off her new record label, Lioness Records last month. This little bundle of joy is only 13-years old, but has the voice of an adult, and the swag of her godmother, Amy.

Dionne's first single " Ain't No Mountain High Enough" dropped last week, and she's already become London's sweetheart. I've sampled a few of her songs and my favorite would have to be her remake of The Shirelle's "Foolish Little Girl."

Amy found herself a keeper. Little Ms. Dionne is not only adorable, but she's intelligent. I think she'll go far in her career, and will top the charts in the UK and the United States.

I'm looking forward to Amy's new album which will hopefully drop sometime this year. I've played out "Frank" and "Back to Black" and I'm in serious need of a new LP (Don't leave us hanging Amy).

By the looks of Amy in recent videos she has definitely gotten her act together and appears to be in good health. Perhaps Dionne was more than just an artists for Amy, but an angle sent to help her focus on her passion, music, and motivation for Amy to be a good role model for her followers.

Check out Dionne and Amy perform LIVE on British Television.