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What was she thinkin....

when she walked out the house looking like that? Is this supposed to be the latest maternity fashions?
Jennifer is tore-up from the floor-up. This is not the makings of a bride to be.

Her shoes are cute, but not with that outfit. The MC-Hammer pants are not flattering for her figure and looking at her blouse makes me want a big glass of KOOL AID. Two words to describe her weave.....A MESS. My cousin Toria could've hooked her up real nice for $50.

Anywho, I hate to clown Ms. Hudson but she left me no choice. Somebody should've told her to stay home!!!


Big Sis said...

NO WAY!! I WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS IS J HUD!!! (in the voice of Shanana from Martin- On No she diddnnnntt)

Big Sis said...

Oh one more comment? your cuzzo do weaves for $50 bucks? I might need to holla at her cuz my do is done!