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Monica Steals the Show

I get the feeling that Monica is trying to upstage Keyshia Cole. I noticed it in their music video "Trust." Monica is shown in the foreground during most of the video and Keyshia is in the back....hince the recent photos they've taken.

I have to admit it's nice to see the Divas of ATL supporting eachother. But where does one draw the line?

Since they are in the same industry and genre of music, I'm sure there's a since of competition. While Monica is slowly climbing her way back into the spot light, is Keyshia the latter to help her get there?


Big Sis said...

i love to see the young divas all together. Monica done been thru so much that you almost want to see her a little bit ahead of the newer heads... especially Ciara, while i love her i think ranking should be Monica, Keyshia, and then Ciara...
oh and hadnt seen that video trust before.. whew now that had me emotional... ( in Martin's voice)sometimez i get a lil emotional.....