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Keyshia Cole's Concert Looks Whack!!

The video speaks for itself. You could never get me to pay more than $10 for a Keyshia Cole concert. I don't care if she put on a ball room gown and swung from the ceiling with her dress tail....I'm not doing it.

Many blogs say that Ms. Cole has stepped up her game, but I don't see it. I agree that she looks fabulous, but her wardrobe and set design looked as if she were rehearsing, not performing in front of paid viewers. Her vocals were decent, but I'd rather listen to the CD. Her stage presence was sorely lacking and she could use a few more hip-hop dance lessons before dancing in public ever again. I don't know what else to say other than.....BOOOOOO!!!

I expected so much more from Keyshia!!


Big Sis said...

Hmmm, lets see.. well first i'll say i AM a fan of hers, i thought she looked good, but, i thought her performance was pretty much what i expect from her live stuff. I'm never impressed at the live stuff she seems to go back and forth between tryna be a lady and tryna be a thug... sorry but she gets thumbs down from me on this one...