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Saaphyri Goes to Jail

And wants to hear from her fans!!!

The "Flavor of Love" vixen and "Charm School" winner didn't charm the hearts of judges during trial and was sentenced to three years in jail for stealing her uncles identity in 2004.

It took awhile for authorities to catch up with Ms. Saaphyri. While on the set of both reality shows, she had a bench warrant waiting for her when she returned home. The above image is her mugshot from prison. If you can't recognize the face, perhaps this will refresh your memory.
Its amazing what weave and a little Mac makeup can do!!

Anyway, if you're interested in keeping Saaphyri entertained in jail, send her fan mail to the address below:

Saaphyri Wanda Scott
X359545 C.I.W. Barnerberg B 1137 Low 16756
Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880